The Jarvis Model LKE-1 - pneumatically controlled gun for high speed vacuum removal of poultry lungs and kidneys.

•Ideally suited for removal of chicken, turkey, duck, and geese lungs and kidneys.
•Operator fatigue and error is reduced by the unique air trigger system.
•Lightest lung gun available - only 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg).
•Instantaneous vacuum - the usual delay associated with conventional guns is eliminated.
•Easy to clean for optimum hygiene - simply suck disinfectant through with the vacuum and spray externally.
•Replaceable tubes and handles reduce maintenance costs compared with single piece construction guns.
•Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

Model LKE-1
Operating Pressure
80 psi
5.4 bar
Air Consumption (per 800 strokes)
1.0 ft³
0.27 m³
Vacuum Requirements (minimum)
15 in Hg
380 mm Hg
Free Air Flow (for vacuum)
25 -50 ft³/min
0.7-1.4 m³/min
Limited by operator skill (avg. 2400/hour)
Control Handle
Single Finger Air Trigger
Tube Diameters
1.0 in
25 mm
1.25 in
32 mm
Overall Lengths
16 in
406 mm
20 in
508 mm
1.5 lbs
0.7 kg
Operating Pressure
80 psi
5.4 bar
Operating Pressure
80 psi
5.4 bar


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