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The Jarvis Model Buster V Loin Drop -- electrically powered bandsaw for beef loin dropping (quartering).

•The high production solution to beef loin dropping.
•Superfast - a single operator handles 900 beef loins per hour.
•Performs the cut on the rail - eliminates removal of beef sides  from the rail, reducing manpower requirements.
•Highly accurate - for precise cut positioning.
•No bone splinters.
•Easy to clean for good hygiene.
•Robust construction for long life.
•Anti-tie down controls for operator safety.

Model Buster V Loin Dropper
Motor Power
3.3 hp
2500 W
Operating Voltage
575 / 460 / 230 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
other voltages and 50 Hz available
900 loins / hour (450 carcasses / hour)
Control Handles
  Electric Dual Anti-tie Down
12 V
Distance between Guides
22.75 in
578 mm
Blade Length
133 in
3378 mm
Overall Length
59 in
1499 mm