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The Jarvis Model JCK-1 -- electric-automatic splitter for hogs.

•Latest technology in automatic hogsplitting.
•Five axis computerized mechanism; splits up to 650 hogs per  hour - regardless of size or weight.
•Customized PLC programs to suit individual requirements.
•Minimum saw dust due to a unique Jarvis manufactured blade.
•Variable speed cutting head for different types of blades, and  pressurized lubrication for extended bearing and gear life.
•Movement of splitting station will adjust to any variances in  chain speed during production.
•Adapts to any type of slaughter line - gambrels, trolleys, with  or without a conveyor.
•Rugged stainless steel construction.

Model JCK-1
Operating Air Pressure
85 psi
5.9 bar
Air Consumption (per cycle)
25 ft³ / min
0.76 m³ / min
Operating Water Pressure
40 psi
2.8 bar
Water Consumption (per sanitization cycle)
1.25 gal
4.7 L
Maximum Production Rate
650 / hour
no operator required
Blade Speed
1240 rpm
Blade Diameter
18 in
457 mm
Overall Dimensions (l x w x h)
128 x 88 x 157 in
325 x 223.5 x 399 mm
Total Weight
9250 lbs
4196 kg
Splitting Station
6050 lbs
2744 kg
Backup Station
3200 lbs
1451 kg
Electric Power Requirements:
Operating Voltage
460 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Full Load Current
52 amp