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The Jarvis Model HbS-2E- electrically powered hog brisket saw.

•The HBS-2E with a 3 inch (76 mm) cutting depth cuts through hog briskets quickly and accurately.
•Sealed 2.25 hp electric motor for ultimate performance
•Short overall length and specially designed adjustable handles for easy handling.
•Electric motor braking.
•Smooth surface construction for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene.
•Anti-tie down controls for operator safety.
•Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

Model HBS-2E
Drive   Electric
Motor Power 2.25 hp 1700 W
Operating Voltage 380/42 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
  575/460/230/208 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Blade Speed
50 Hz Models   1025 rpm
60 Hz Models   1200 rpm
Control Handles Dual Anti-tie Down
Brake   Electric
Blade Diameter 9.0 in 229 mm
Cutting Depth (maximum) 3.0 in 76 mm
Overall Length 27 in 686 mm
Weight 40 lbs 18.1 kg
  Front 116.7 dB 0.68 m / sec²
  Rear 108.5 dB 0.27 m / sec²
Noise (one meter from tool)   82.5 dB