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The Jarvis Model 1000F- pneumatic powered breaking saw.

•The 1000F, with a 3 inch (76 mm) depth of cut, is ideally suited for pork chine bones and ham marking.
•Large depth of cut, yet lightweight and flexible -reduces operator fatigues.
•Constructed from corrosion resistant materials for optimum hygiene.
•Fast blade stop.
•Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety.

Drive   Pneumatic
Model 1000F
Motor Power 1.0 hp 746 W
Operating Pressure 120 psi 8.3 bar
Air Consumption 38 ft³ / min 17.9 L / sec
Blade Speed @ 120 psi   1600 rpm
Control Handles Single Trigger Pneumatic
Blade Diameter 9.0 in 229 mm
Cutting Depth (Maximum) 3.0 in 76 mm
Overall Length 16 in 406 mm
Weight 12.7 lbs 5.8kg
Vibration less than (<) 115 dB <0.56 m/sec²
Noise   95 dB