35 PA-2 Airsnip

For removing claws, fins, heads and tails, Jarvis also makes
the Airsnip® line of power assisted scissors in several sizes and cutting configurations to suit any application. Our Model 35
PA-2 or the Model 35 Airsnip® are perfect for close cutting and
trimming procedures, minimizing operator effort on highly
repetitive and difficult cuts.

Our Model 35 PA-2 is easy to operate, and especially designed for high yield operations requiring full blade control. They are designed for complete operator comfort, and blade movement can be stopped at anytime - just like an ordinary pair of scissors. Because they are totally immersible, all Airsnip® products are easy to clean and maintain. Several styles of hardened stainless steel blades are also available. Blades are easily removed for sharpening.

35 PA-2 Airsnip
LKE-1 Vacuum Gun
SPC 165 Circular Saw
404 Reciprocating Breaking Saw
646 Reciprocating Breaking Saw

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