The business that profits is the one that keeps pace with modern methods. Here's a machine designed to give cleaner, brighter shines at half the cost. The average operator can shine "three times" as many shoes as with the old fashioned hand brush and cloth.

DUPLEX SHINERS probe into the pores of the leather and brush out the dirt rather than rub it in. Only a few seconds contact with the shoe is required to produce a brilliant hard-finish shine.

It produces a soothing, relaxing action to the feet that customers like. The hardened spring steel flexible shaft permits one unit to serve two chairs. Brushes are mounted and removed from ball bearing handle instantly without stopping motor.

Each unit is encased in highly polished aluminum case containing 2 mulit-bristled brushes, and 2 yarn polishing brushes. No wiring necessary. Just plug into wall outlet. DUPLEX SHINERS are designed for 115 volt, 60-cycle, single phase AC current. Models for other current requirements are available at slight extra cost.

It will pay for itself in no time at all with more satisfied customers, more income, more profit.




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