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The Jarvis Model Buster VI -- electrically powered bandsaw for high production splitting of hogs and sows.

•Used for production pork splitting (up to 400 hogs / hour / saw).
•Internal sanitization system for primary contact areas - including guides, front and rear wheels and blade.
•Lightweight - less operator fatigue.
•Adjustable front wheel alignment for better blade life.
•Drive system is oil bath lubricated for sustained trouble-free operation.
•Anti-tie down controls and totally enclosed electric motor for operator safety.
•All voltages available.
•Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety (USDA & CE approved).

Model Buster VI
Motor Power
3 hp
2237 W
Operating Voltage
460 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
200 / hour
400 / hour
Control Handles
Electric Dual Anti-tie Down
12 V
Distance between the Guides
17.11 in
435 mm
Blade Length
112.0 in
2845 mm
Overall Length
51 in
1295 mm
Height (of front housing)
12 in
305 mm
114 lbs
50.0 kg